Immense Gratitude

Immense Gratitude

The Pink Dynasty Committee and Management team works incredibly hard to deliver a great programme but we couldn’t do it alone! Thanks to all the amazing companies who have supported us so far…

The PD Committee, alumni and current members would like to thank all those that have supported the programme from its inception to the current day. The success of our leadership and development programme is down to the generosity of countless individuals who have donated their time, skills, resources and energy. We too are grateful for the opportunities to work with a diverse range of people in our ambition to develop the next generation of future female leaders.

Standard Chartered Bank – A leading FTSE 100 listed international bank offering a suite of banking services in some of the world’s most dynamic markets including Asia, African and the Middle East. Standard Chartered is a key corporate sponsor of the programme and offers a two-week internship to each mentee and their staff volunteers their time to act as mentors and motivational speakers.

Experian – A FTSE 100 listed global information services group whose principal lines of business is credit services, marketing services, decision analytics and consumer services. The company runs a one day workshop for each cohort outlining the principles of personal financial management as well as de-mystifying credit scores. They also donate one years free membership to each mentee.

Regency Creative – A high-end web page design and branding company. Their services span from the development of custom websites, to tailored brands and graphics and ecommerce platforms. The team were responsible for building our amazing Pink Dynasty webpage.

Identica Identica is a bespoke brand strategy and design agency. The team of design, strategy, and production specialists, work together to create, restore and evolve iconic brands. The team worked closely with Pink Dynasty to create our unique brand and visual identity that we feel really embodies the ethos and heart of our programme.

World TelevisionA leading international video communications agency catering creating original content across the globe and delivering to multiple audiences in multiple languages in multiple locations. They offer webcasting and streaming services, internal video communications and Video event management and content production services. The team supported the PD programme by donating their services to help us to create our fantastic promotional video.

And last but not least, we want to thank all our Mentors who volunteer their time to support our members to achieve their personal and professional goals. Without your continued support, we would never be able to make the PD programme successful, so thank you. Cheers!

If you are interested in getting involved and supporting Pink Dynasty in any way, either by offering your time, skills or resources, please get in touch

Industry Insights

Industry Insights

The issue of gender equality, opportunities to perceptions, is fundamental to the future of business and enterprise both in the UK and around the world. Be sure to follow us as we post compelling industry articles and reports on this subject regularly.

A recent report published by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) recently joined the increasing number of voices from across the country and world for bolder actions to be taken to drive the change in female representation in business all the way up to the Board. Among its many recommendations, Tuesday’s report by the LSE Commission of Gender Inequality and Power suggests that “the burden of the argument should now shift from the under-representation of women to the unjustifiable over-representation of men”. They suggest that the first step in achieving this is for the imposition of quotas for senior positions in range of sectors including politics, economy, law, media, culture and communications. Do you think that legal quotas on our companies are the best way to achieve equality in the work place? Do you think the focus should shift from “too few women” to “too many men”? Share your thoughts with friends and get the conversation started!

Work In Practice

Work In Practice

The Pink Dynasty programme is designed to empower gifted and talented young women to succeed in professions that are typically dominated by men. Our internship scheme ensures PD members are fully equipped to succeed in the corporate world.

Here from Georgina Appeagyei – Pink Dynasty Mentee, 2015 Cohort

During my work experience placement at Standard Chartered I felt incredibly lucky, but, equally, deserving; a key feature of the Pink Dynasty programme.

My first week with Corporate and Institutional Clients (CIC), in the Public Sector and Developmental Organisations (PSDO) team, was action-packed. My internationally-diverse team invited me to an evening networking event, where I experienced the interaction between the London PSDO team, credit analysts and employees from risk. Their extended network within the bank, colleagues who they frequently rely on to ensure they can fulfil their clients’ needs, was strengthened; setting the basis for a better working partnership in the future. I accepted an invite to listen to the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning of Ghana, deliver a speech at Chatham House. As a British Ghanaian, it was a pleasure to witness the minister, Seth Terkper, seek investor’s confidence by shifting the focus from the over-reliance on tentative commodity prices to the strength of policy-making in controlling the economy in Ghana.

I was trusted with using the International Monetary Fund database to find data on particular countries of interest. I was also tasked to write a summary of trading capabilities and restrictions regarding Government Bonds from Thailand and Malaysia and was responsible for working with the wider PSDO global team to ascertain the relationship type of Central Banks and other Financial Institutions.

My second week proved the first week to be a great learning experience as I had already felt settled. I had the opportunity to meet my host for the first time as she is whisked away to various corners of the globe to handle business. I learned to prioritise my work, multitask and train myself to have good working hours. As my work experience drew to a close, I can only hope that the team will miss me as I leave behind something to improve their efficiencies: a Global PSDO Directory.

Rising Stars

Rising Stars

The Pink Dynasty programme is successful because we attract the strongest talent pool of women and empower our members to achieve their professional and personal goals. Follow us as we celebrate the successes of our rising stars.

Deborah Owolabi – Pink Dynasty Alumni, 2014 Cohort

Since graduating from Pink Dynasty, I have completed a gap year during which I worked at Standard Chartered Bank in the Group Country Risk and Group Technology and Operations departments. This valuable experience helped me to gain an internship at a charity that aims to help disadvantaged students from London’s inner city to gain employment in the financial services. I am now in the final year of my Arts and Sciences degree at University College London and feel much more equipped and confident about entering and excelling in the world of work than I did before taking part in the programme.

Five of the greatest lessons I learned through being a member of Pink Dynasty:


Adopt the mentality of a sponge

You can learn something from everyone, including your peers

Hostility to learning from others, of whom you think have nothing of your interest to offer (or, pride) will get you nowhere

Learn to be an excellent student

Learn from those who do things well

Not to envy, but to imitate, with an understanding that you are still to be yourself


A willing and real mentor is a terrible gift to waste

By real, I mean a mentor that does not sugar-coat the realities of the working world

To make conversations easier for themselves

My mentor, and this scheme as a whole, taught me:

The world of work will be challenging –

And any good job should be

You must learn to use past adversity to your advantage

It has the potential to help you more than you may currently see


A wise person knows that there is a time to speak and a time to be silent

Though, when the time to speak comes, you should not remain silent because of the people you fear

In a professional or academic environment, the root of this is often the following thought:

“Compared to them, I am not good enough to be here”

In situations where you can expand your professional network

Do not go into the corner with close companions and take a seat

Speak to the other individuals present. Don’t be afraid – you can learn from them

Remember that they also breathe, sleep and eat

Two – A

Stop complaining

Two – B

Pink Dynasty not only developed me as an individual

Giving me the knowledge and skills I need to succeed in which ever career I pursue

The scheme also gave me the amazing opportunity to put what I have learned to use

But, as aforementioned, the opportunities you are given are not solely for you

So never be selfish with what you have received

Always be willing to help others

As you are well equipped to support the growth of your community


You have not yet arrived

Let this lead you to action, not to worry

Do not grow complacent

As this is not the end of the journey


Seek challenge and opportunity over comfort and ease

And when you reach the glass ceiling

Use it as a table for your tea