Student Loans Uncovered

Student Loans Uncovered

Are you excited about going to uni but worried about debt?

If you answered ‘Yes’ fear not, as we aim to help ease your concerns over the D-word. FirstIy, ignore newspaper headlines about students leaving university with £50k of debt – this is a meaningless figure, what matters is how much you’ll repay, and unlike other loans, student loans DON’T go on your credit file.

Now the phrase ‘student loan repayment’ often scares people, especially to young people from low-income backgrounds. Families from low-socioeconomic status (SES) households tend to have little income or wealth to buffer against unforeseen circumstances, therefore are often risk averse. Accordingly, many parents from low-income families are reluctant for their child(ren) to apply to university to avoid the prospect of accumulating debt. Ironically, what we call a student repayment isn’t really a debt like any other, in fact it acts far more like a graduate contribution fee than a loan.

Seven Key Things to Remember…

  1. you only contribute after you graduate and if you earn enough  i.e. £25,000 in a year
  2. student loan repayments are taken via payroll i.e. a process used by employers to pay your salary after deducting Income Tax and NI contributions.
  3. the more financially successful you are, the more you will contribute in total
  4. if you don’t earn enough, you don’t have to contribute!
  5. you only have to contribute for 30 years, after that your remaining debt is written off
  6. bigger borrowing doesn’t increase repayments
  7. you can repay student loans early

For more information and useful guidance about the truth about university fees, student loans and grants, please check out the Student Loans Mythbusting article and apply for Pink Dynasty membership to gain full access to resource centre, and free admissions onto our money essentials workshops.

Best of luck!!


Applications Open

Applications Open

Applications for 2019/20 membership is now open!

We are delighted to open applications for our Rising Star scheme that provides 15 young women with leadership, personal and professional development.

Membership benefits

As well as the opportunity to be mentored by a professional for 12 months, successful applicants also receive free :

  • personalised careers’ advice
  • access to personal finance workshops
  • dedicated support securing paid internships

What we look for in a Mentee

Pink Dynasty candidates generally fit the following description:

  • Aged 18 – 22
  • Demonstrates a strong level of tenacity and ambition
  • In full-time education or full-time training
  • Actively involved in the community via volunteering schemes
  • Received (or is receiving) financial support from the government or other official entity

If you don’t meet the above criteria, please consider applying for our Pro or Business plans – click here for more info. 

How to apply 

To apply, prospective candidates must answer the following questions:

  1. I want to join Pink Dynasty because…
  2. What women’s empowerment means to me…

Submission instructions

Write an essay (250 words max) answering the above questions and send along with an updated copy of your CV to [email protected]

Deadline – September 12th, 2019. 

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend a 45 minute interview with select members of the PD Management team and representatives from our partner institutions.

Successful applicants will be informed via email, together with additional information on the upcoming year’s programme. In the event that you are unsuccessful on this occasion, an email, together with some feedback on your application, will also be shared with you.

Save The Date September 10th, 2019 

Do you want to ‘Boss Up’ and change your life? If yes, then  register for a space at our up-coming information session!

Next steps…

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