Respecting each others’ time is key to a successful mentoring relationship

It has been brought to our attention that a few members have missed mentoring sessions and not responded to their mentor’s calls, emails or texts.

As mentioned in your welcome pack and at the induction event, respecting each other’s time is key to a successful mentoring relationship. Therefore, we expect mentees to value their mentors’ time by attending scheduled meetings, responding to calls and emails. Furthermore, if you are unable to attend a meeting, you are expected to provide an explanation and sufficient notice for your absence.

To establish a successful mentoring relationship, where each person feels respected, please follow the guidance below:

Schedule a meeting, make sure you stick to it – avoid time-wasting, agree a date/time that works best for both of you and come prepared.

Create clear benchmarks for success – Set productivity goals and make sure that your goals are clear and accomplishable.

Listen actively – In other words, pay close attention to what is being said and make sure that everyone is on track before moving forward.

Embrace new modes of communication – During this period of quarantine we have all had to adapt to the social distancing restrictions, and embrace online meeting platforms like Zoom or Hangouts. So don’t be afraid to start using platforms that you are comfortable with.

Ask for help – If you ever face any issues please contact [email protected] immediately and we’ll do our very best to provide any support needed.​

Remain committed – All new relationships take time to blossom, however, without mutual dedication, the relationship is doomed to fail. If you haven’t been as committed to your mentoring relationship, please apologise to your mentor and start each new interaction armed with greater enthusiasm.

By following this guidance, your mentoring relationship will improve. Failure to do so could lead to the discontinuation of your Pink Dynasty membership.

Please let us know ASAP if you are facing any issues with maintaining your mentoring relationship.

Best regards,

PD Management