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The work of Pink Dynasty (PD) is essential in making sure that young women from underprivileged, Black and Minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds have the best chance of achieving their full potential as future leaders. However, without the generosity of our donors, volunteers and corporate partners we wouldn’t be able to deliver this award-winning programme.

Whether it’s providing personal and professional support, equipping our members with the skills and experience they desperately need to secure internships, graduate jobs, or start businesses, we rely entirely on the donations from people like you.

If our brand values and long-term vision to improve social mobility, gender balance, diversity and inclusion across the UK and beyond resonates with you, here are the ways you can support us:

  • Donate – Please make a one-off donation or contact us to donate on a regular basis
  • Host an event – Please let us know if you want to provide venue space for us to host events or facilitate workshops
  • Corporate sponsorship – We’d love to talk to you about how we can develop a partnership with your company
  • Volunteer – We always need more passionate volunteers, to help us with mentoring, facilitating workshops, outreach work, and fundraising

Ultimately, in whatever capacity you choose to support us will make a huge difference to our members, who are in some of the most challenging and difficult circumstances. Our commitment to you is that any money you give us will be managed responsibly. We endeavour to keep our operational costs low and always strive to keep our members’ interests at heart. So on behalf of everyone at Pink Dynasty and the inspiring young women we support ‘Thank You’ in advance for your generosity!                                          

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