It goes without saying that Britain has an extreme social mobility problem. Research from the government’s latest social mobility report confirms, “that from the early years through to higher education and the workplace, there is an entrenched and unbroken correlation between social class and success”, State of The Nation – Social Mobility in Great Britain (2017). Unfortunately, the UK’s social mobility problem is even worse for women and individuals from ethnic minority groups. To address the social mobility problem facing women and ethnic minorities in the UK, I founded Pink Dynasty CIC in 2013, with the goal of dismantling the non-educational barriers to elite professions in the UK by empowering, preparing and supporting gifted young women (particularly those from ethnic minority groups) for high-income careers. Please refer any talented young women (from 18-22 years old) who you believe can benefit from mentoring, leadership development, help with finding a job or starting a business, my team and I would love to chat!


Adeola Onasanwo