We Need Your Support

We Need Your Support

Weʼre raising £2,000 to support our members, who are in some of the most challenging and difficult circumstances, especially during this pandemic.

Over the past couple of weeks, many corporate leaders have been speaking up in support of Black Lives Matter , and while speaking up is an essential first step, we believe there is so much more that needs to be done. We would encourage companies to stand behind their statement of solidarity by supporting our organisation.

As a London based Community Interest Company (Company Number: 11052459), on a mission to break down the invisible barriers to corporate jobs in the UK for talented women from Black, and Minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds, our members have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

We are working hard to ensure that we continue to support our most vulnerable members with their transition from higher education into employment, understandably, it is difficult to do so effectively while operating under the current social distancing measures. In order to meet the needs of our members safely, we have transitioned our mentoring programme online, i.e. all meetings and workshops are delivered remotely. However, without access to reliable and affordable online tools we’re struggling to cope.

If you want to support our members and fight against structural racism, please start by making a donation.

On behalf of everyone at Pink Dynasty and the inspiring young women we support ‘Thank You’ in advance for your generosity!

Best regards,

PD Management

Respecting Others’ Time

Respecting Others’ Time

Respecting each others’ time is key to a successful mentoring relationship

It has been brought to our attention that a few members have missed mentoring sessions and not responded to their mentor’s calls, emails or texts.

As mentioned in your welcome pack and at the induction event, respecting each other’s time is key to a successful mentoring relationship. Therefore, we expect mentees to value their mentors’ time by attending scheduled meetings, responding to calls and emails. Furthermore, if you are unable to attend a meeting, you are expected to provide an explanation and sufficient notice for your absence.

To establish a successful mentoring relationship, where each person feels respected, please follow the guidance below:

Schedule a meeting, make sure you stick to it – avoid time-wasting, agree a date/time that works best for both of you and come prepared.

Create clear benchmarks for success – Set productivity goals and make sure that your goals are clear and accomplishable.

Listen actively – In other words, pay close attention to what is being said and make sure that everyone is on track before moving forward.

Embrace new modes of communication – During this period of quarantine we have all had to adapt to the social distancing restrictions, and embrace online meeting platforms like Zoom or Hangouts. So don’t be afraid to start using platforms that you are comfortable with.

Ask for help – If you ever face any issues please contact hello@pinkdynasty.org immediately and we’ll do our very best to provide any support needed.​

Remain committed – All new relationships take time to blossom, however, without mutual dedication, the relationship is doomed to fail. If you haven’t been as committed to your mentoring relationship, please apologise to your mentor and start each new interaction armed with greater enthusiasm.

By following this guidance, your mentoring relationship will improve. Failure to do so could lead to the discontinuation of your Pink Dynasty membership.

Please let us know ASAP if you are facing any issues with maintaining your mentoring relationship.

Best regards,

PD Management

The Wealth Check

The Wealth Check

Gain expert advice from Makala Green about building wealth and financial planning

Following our recent online Q+A session with Makala Green, the first black British female chartered financial planner, we asked Makala to share her top tips for first time investors, please see her top tips below.

Set a goal – Whether you’re investing to buy a house, start a family or a business. Put a reason behind your investments.

Establish an emergency fund – Build an emergency fund at least 3 months of your monthly expenditure before you consider investing.

Diversify – In other words, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Investing in a range of assets will help reduce investment risk.

Research – Do your research before you invest and keep up to date with financial news and literature.

Start Small – Investing is not about how much money you have it’s about how much you can accumulate. So don’t be afraid to start small it’s important you are comfortable with the amount you invest.

Think Ahead – Think long term when investing. Investments are designed to perform better over the long run so don’t be in a hurry to achieve growth overnight. Remember investment growth is not determined on the time you invest but more the time invested in the market.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact info@thewealthcheck.co.uk or follow @thewealthcheck .


Worried about Coronavirus?

Worried about Coronavirus?

The wellbeing of our members is always our number one priority. 

Following the most recent developments with the Corona virus pandemic, the management team is working hard to ensure we can continue to support our most vulnerable members during this period.

Understandably, the current social distancing and self isolating measures may cause members to feel anxious, stressed, worried, sad, helpless, overwhelmed, confused or angry. As such, we are sharing helpful tips and guidance from the NHS on our social media platforms to support our members (and their loved ones) during this difficult time.

We ask that mentors do their part, by remaining in regular contact with their assigned mentee, and find out how they are truly coping. As you can appreciate, some may not wish to disclose that they are struggling financially, however, results from the recent poll we conducted on Instagram showed that 70% of our followers are worried about how this pandemic will impact their ability to pay up-coming bills.

Therefore, we recommend that you ask your assigned mentee if she is feeling overwhelmed by the extra cost of being at home with limited or zero income. If she answers ‘Yes’ then please ask her to visit GOV.UK to apply for Universal Credit and Employment and Support Allowance; support introduced by the Government in response to this issue.

If you have any concerns or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope you and your loved ones stay safe during this time.

Best wishes,

PD Management


Staying Connected During A Pandemic

Staying Connected During A Pandemic

Transitioning your mentoring relationship from in-person to online.

A necessary precaution to help minimise the Corona virus spreading further in London.

The management team and I would like to thank everyone for transitioning their mentoring relationship from in-person to online. This is a necessary precaution to help minimise the Corona virus spreading further. As per the Government’s social distancing and self isolation instructions, communication will primarily be digital until further notice. Accordingly, please do your best to follow our 10 online etiquette rules listed below:

1) Spell people’s name correctly and respect any accent marks. Please use upper and lower cases properly e.g. my name is spelt Déolá Ònásanwó.

2)Think twice before hitting ‘reply all’ and do not send non-Pink Dynasty related messages in your mentee or mentor WhatsApp group chats. No one wants to read emails that have nothing to do with them, or be spammed with marketing material. As you can appreciate, it can be difficult to ignore notifications and emails that continuously pop-up on our screens. Therefore, please think carefully about why you are sending the message and if it is necessary for everyone to receive it.

3) Be sensitive to the fact that people from different cultures speak and write differently. Miscommunication can easily occur because of cultural differences, especially in the writing form when we can’t see peoples’ body language.

4) To avoid misunderstandings, keep tabs on your tone. Always read your message out loud before hitting send. If it sounds harsh to you, it will definitely sound harsh to others. Try to avoid using negative words, and always say “please” and “thank you”. Being courteous and exhibiting good manners will always be received well in social settings, especially when communicating with each other online.

5) Don’t write anything that would be ruinous to you or hurtful to others. After all, emails can be forwarded at anytime, so to be safe, always be kind and respectful.

6) Always use professional salutations in your emails. Don’t use colloquial (informal) expressions like, “Hey you guys,” or “What’s up?”. Use discretion when addressing people online, especially if you do not have a personal or familiar relationship with the recipient(s).

7) Do not shorten anyone’s name, unless you’re certain they prefer their name to be shortened. For example, my name is Adéolá, however, as mentioned at the induction event, I prefer to be called Déolá or Dee. To avoid disrespecting people, always ask what a person likes to be called, never assume.

8) Always use exclamation points sparingly. If you choose to use an exclamation point, please only use one to convey your excitement. Additional exclamation points make you sound like you are angry or shouting.

9)Proofread every message. Unfortunately, our mistakes won’t go unnoticed by the recipient(s). Read your note aloud, before sending. Remember to use spell check and if you suffer from dyslexia (like I do) try to take extra time when writing, and if possible ask for a second pair of eyes to review/edit your message.

10) Always add the email address(es) last, and double-check that you’ve selected the correct recipient(s).When you are replying to a message, it’s a good precaution to delete the recipient’s email address and insert it only when you are sure the message is ready to be sent.

Thanks again for your continued commitment and support, together we can get through this difficult and uncertain time.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

Best regards,

Adéolá Ònásanwó, MBA
Managing Director, Pink Dynasty CIC