In the run up to the EU referendum (June 23rd), we are pleased to confirm Christine Shields, an experienced economist and public speaker, will be hosting a Q&A session on global economics and politics .

Christine Shields is an independent economic advisor specialising in global macro-economic issues. From 2006 -2013, Christine ran the Country Risk Research function in Standard Chartered Bank where she focused on political and economic risk, writing and presenting to clients, investors and the bank’s senior management. Prior to Standard Chartered, Christine worked in Royal Bank of Scotland for many years, initially analysing UK, Japanese, US, and European economic trends, before moving exclusively into emerging markets risk analysis as RBS grew. She has worked in a markets environment, in research, in corporate banking, and in the risk function, managing RBS’s country risk exposures as well as its sovereign policy and limits setting.

Christine is a member of the advisory board to the Jardine Lloyd Thompson World Risk Review, a bespoke model determining the political and economic risk in some 200 countries that is used across the insurance world. The model covers nine specific perils,encompassing political violence, a country’s trading environment and its investment environment.

Christine has travelled extensively, especially in Asia, and is a regular conference speaker and commentator on country risk issues. Christine’s degrees, BSc (Econ) and MSc (Econ), are both from the LSE, where she studied after working in UK government service as a VAT inspector and a drugs investigator, before running her own accounts consultancy.

Please join us on Wednesday June 15th from 4;30pm, to hear Christine’s expert opinion on the following topicsEU Referendum – Should the UK leave or stay?

  • US election – Should Investors be worried about the next US president?
  • The empowerment of women in Gulf economies
  • EU Referendum – Should the UK leave or stay?
  • Other current affairs

To register, please email by 9am on June 10th.


PD Management Team