We are thrilled to welcome our newest members to the PD family!

Becoming Truly Connected – The Journey Ahead

A massive congratulations to: Aurelia Hummelbrunner,Funmi Looi-Somoye, Maria Oshodi, Alybaa Tahir, Maisie Allen, Tobi Omiyale, Melanie Klouvi Nana, Andrea Losinda, Isabel Gaston Sanam Dhaliwal, Marianna Aturia, Laura Pla, Ranya Lamani, Assia Hamdi, Tracy Achonwa, and Melissa Yebisi , who recently secured Pink Dynasty membership. We are thrilled to have you join the PD network and can’t wait to support you with achieving your goals.

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We hope you enjoyed meeting each other and feel enthusiastic about the journey ahead – paring list attached.

Please remember to complete the mentoring agreement form, and return a signed copy to us at your earliest convenience.

Next steps:
1. Create a WhatsApp group
2. Follow Pink Dynasty CIC on LinkedIn
3. Nominate a chair and co-chair who will attend PD Management meetings

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Best of luck,

PD Management Team